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Are they too expensive?

Cost versus quality has always been an issue. However with regard to one’s health, it is important to consider the significant benefits for a marginal additional cost involved. After all health is wealth! The advantages of modern technology such as vision quality, speed and comfort, far outweighs those of traditional low cost surgery.

Will I need glasses after surgery?

Phaco and small incision cataract surgery is a great leap forward in eye care. Patients who have undergone the same will most often not be required to use glasses. It may be required only to fine tune your vision. These are normal glasses and not those “thick” spectacles as used earlier.

What are the types of IOLs?

Intraocular lenses (IOL) may be unifocal or multifocal. Unifocal IOL’s corrects distance vision, but you usually would require reading glasses for near vision. Multifocal IOL’s achieve near and distance vision by having two or three focal points simultaneously. Multifocal IOL’s are implanted in selected group of patients only depending on unique circumstances, lifestyle and vision correction needs.

State-of-the-art IOL’s like Aberration free IOL’s, Contrast enhancing IOL’s, Blue blocker IOL’s and Violet shield IOL’s can also be implanted. If you have any queries with any of these and other eye related issues, you can meet your ophthalmic surgeon at Rajan Eye Care Hospital. Dr Mohan Rajan, Medical Director and Dr Sujatha Mohan, Associate Medical Director of RECH spearheads this clinic and both of them are cataract surgeons of international repute.

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