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Adaptive symptoms

In new wearers, these symptoms (adaptive) if experienced are temporary and will resolve in 2 weeks to a month. If they do not, then it is advisable to contact your Contact Lens practitioner in person.

Spectacle Blur is the temporary blurring of vision experienced after you remove the contacts and put your glasses. It lasts for usually ½ hour and disappears. To start with, wear the contact lenses for 2 hours on the first day and increase the duration of wear by 2 hours every day. By the end of one week, you should be able to wear the lenses for 10-14 hours comfortably. Soft lenses can be worn for a longer time. NEVER wear the lenses in the presence of infection, stye, unexplained redness, irritation and watering.

Other symptoms include

  • Alternate blurring and clearing of vision due to increase or decrease of water log.
  • Floating of the lens to one side.
  • Falling out of the lenses.
  • Awareness of the edges of the lens.
  • Difficulty in looking up.
  • Over sensitivity to light.
  • Lid irritation.
  • Excessive blinking.
  • Stinging and burning of eyes.
  • Halos and reflections.
  • Redness.
  • Eye fatigue.

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