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The ultimate success to attaining perfect vision is not only the procedure but also the careful execution of the post operative instructions.

A few points to take care of your eyes in the first week after undergoing LASIK procedure :

  • The most crucial point is not to touch your eyes
  • Blinking & rolling your eyes are permitted. It is also important to blink your eyes normally during the first day
  • If you feel any irritation, watering & soreness in the first few hours, it is perfectly normal
  • You are advised to keep your eyes closed and take rest with your eyes protected with glasses or eye shield
  • After few hours, the discomfort will settle down and the vision will start clearing up
  • It is important to use the drops hourly on the day of the procedure & then on as advised by the doctor
  • You are advised against washing your face or having a head bath (shower)
  • However you can wipe your forehead & cheeks with a wet wipe or wet cloth. Please avoid the area under the eyes
  • Accidentally touching or rubbing the eyes can displace the delicate flap or cause striae formation which may reduce your vision
  • From the second post op day, your vision will be near normal, though some of you might experience slight blurring of near vision, halos & glare which will clear eventually
  • The medication (drops) will be used intensively for 1 week after which only lubricating eye drops are given
  • After 1 week you can resume normal activity. You can shower & wash your face & eyes as before
  • However contact sports, rigorous physical activity & swimming should be avoided for 1 month
  • Rubbing the eyes, eye make up &  facial should be avoided completely for 1 month
  • Compulsive eye rubbing should be avoided for life
  • Please wear protective glasses in a dusty or crowded area
  • Sunglasses to protect against sunlight is a must for 2 months

LASIK is a cosmetic eye procedure & needs utmost care to bring out the best results.

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