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Paediatric Cataract

Paediatric Cataract

Every year, hundreds of thousands of babies around the world are born with a cataract in one or both eyes. This condition is known as pediatric cataract, and can lead to severe vision loss – or even blindness. But not only is pediatric cataract treatable, it’s often preventable.

Diagnosing Pediatric Cataract

What to look for in newborns?: Parents or care givers of new born babies can often identify a congenital cataract at birth or soon thereafter by looking for a “white pupil” where the normal pupil is typically black in one or both eyes.

Seek professional diagnosis: Seeking examination by an ophthalmologist, optometrist or pediatrician, removal of the cataract, and follow up care in the first weeks and months of life are recommended.

Treatment: Treatment with a contact lens or implanting an IOL (intraocular lens) and follow up care including binocular vision and low vision support services is recommended as well.

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